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Check this prickly customer I met today!

A nights sleep cured my aches and tiredness and I was off nice and early this morning. There was a couple of hours walking in the rain (thanks for the soundtrack Del) and then it cleared.

I was on a busy road for the first hour but then it was quiet and pleasant. I even managed to navigate through some woods on rough tracks – skills courtesy of Mr & Mrs Prince.

All who know me are aware that first and foremost I am a man of great dignity (hmm). This was further enhanced when I tried to stand up after sitting on my bag for a break. I lost my balance and fell over the top of the bag. My first concern was witnesses but fortunately there were none – so I thought I’d put it on the web – nice thinking Andy.

On to Perpignan tomorrow then a couple of days off with my friends Byron and Sandra. I’m looking forward to this hugely though I know it will be dominated by verbal abuse. It will be so nice to just sit and talk. One of my favourite pass times and one I’ve missed due to my poor French. I have however improved, I can now order up to 49 beers!

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