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Artists at work ITFC 8

What fun we have had today. My children are all doing well so we decided to play from about 1500. The bubbles came out first and were a massive hit. I brought some different shaped bubble blowing implements with me and the hope that they would like them. As it was they went crazy. I have not seen children have so much fun in years. This is however most likely due to the fact that I normally avoid micro humans as much as possible. This may just have to change as I think that perhaps they are more fun than grown ups.

After bubbles, we moved to colouring in, you can see the proud artists in the photo (mainly sibling of the patients). They took this very seriously and were suitably proud when their work was put on display.

Clinically it has been a quiet day today. The worst case was our little boy with the marasmus who I mentioned in my last blog earlier in the week but even he is doing very very well. I know that there will be sad moments here. The baby with pneumonia I mentioned before did indeed die the next day. This is very sad and stays with every person who was involved with the care and of course the poor parents for whom this was the second child that they have lost. I keep going with the knowledge that MSF saves the lives of so many each and every day. The times we loose we have to accept but with the knowledge that this organisation gives a chance to those who otherwise would have none.

“We find out where the conditions are the worst – the places where others are not going – and that’s where we want to be.” – Nicolas de Torrente, Executive Director MSF.

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