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In 1988 or 89 I read Peter Jenkins book “A walk across America”, I re-read it last year before the Amsterdam – Barcelona walk and took a lot of inspiration from his account. Since then the idea of walking across the US has niggled away at me. It is a massive challenge but also a magnificent fundraising opportunity for Doctors Without Borders. With this in mind I have committed to the walk in 2015. It is around 3000 miles and I think it will take around seven months.I will walk West to East likely beginning near Portland and finishing in at the MSF office in  New York.  I have all the planning still to do but also have plenty of time. I will need this as I will be funding myself as I did last year. It is important that everyone knows that ALL money donated  goes to Doctors Without Borders.

So, thats 2015. Before this I will be back in the field. I am planning on a mission with MSF from July 2013 for six months. I don’t know where this will be at the moment. I will get in touch with the London office in March / April next year and take it from there.

I want to thank my boss on the Intensive Care Unit at Harrogate District Hospital for allowing me to take sabbatical time to both work with MSF and to complete the walk. I have had nothing but support from Harrogate District Hospital and I know how lucky I am.

So, for now I will be concentrating on planning, fitness (Gambaru Fitness is going to be my second home again) and saving money.

The fundraising goes on of course and I will be announcing some very exciting shows soon.

If you know of any groups who would be interested in hearing my 45 minute presentation about working with MSF and the walka2b project please contact me . As always I rely on your support to maintain the success of this venture. WE have raised over £30,000 so far.

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