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Day 27

74 miles (about 20 more than we thought and we don’t know why. 

So last nights stay in the park was interesting. We waited till dusk and then pitched the tents. We settled down for the night and we were soon asleep. 

About 0000hrs there was a hissing sound that sounded like a tyre being deflated. I jumped up and unzipped the tent door. It was a bloody sprinkler and it was pointed straight at our tent. I went to a nearby school and borrowed their door mat which I placed over the sprinkler. This redirected the water and allowed us to get back to sleep. 

We woke at 0500 and the first thing Mike told me made me laugh heartily. He was in a worse position than us having pitched his tent ON a sprinkler head! 

We set off nice and early but the day dragged on. The early scenery definitely compensated for the efforts we made in getting to Ridgeway and then Montrose but as we neared Cimarron I failed spectacularly. I simply ran out of energy and it was only with a lot of support that I made it to the Pleasant Valley Campground. We are determined to carry on cycling each day till the 28th when we get to Pueblo but I really need a rest day. 

We heard the result of the U.K. referendum re EU membership when we stopped to take some photos before Ridgeway. We have missed all the campaigning and of course the vote. I would have preferred to maintain closer ties with Europe myself. What saddens me most right now is the name calling and bad feeling I’m seeing on social media. Wether you agree with the result or not, leaping to the conclusion that someone is a racist because they disagree with your view is too much. This is democracy and GB will go on. I have no doubt that the flag will have to change in time as the SNP will no doubt press for a repeat referendum on UK membership (repeat till you get the result you want!). In the end what will be will be and at least  we don’t have Donald Trump. 

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