Pittsburg (Kansas) to Pennsboro (Missouri)

Day 45 

59 miles

We left our friends Suzy and Marty this morning and set off east. We called into Pittsburg and met Drew from the tourist office. He wanted to film a final segment of us leaving town. This only took a few minutes and then were on our way. 
About 6 miles out we crossed the state border into Missouri. State No 6!

We were followed onto the state by some ominous looking clouds and by the time we got to Golden City it was raining cats and dogs. We waited a while in Golden city and the rain eased off. Back on the road we cycled another 25 miles to Pennsboro. By this time it was pouring again and we hoped that we could find shelter. We found a nice safe place to stay but we vowed secrecy re location. What I will say is a big thank you to the custodians. 

We made friends with a lovely Ginger cat who was loitering around. We shared some of our food with him and bought a friend for the day. 

A good day, some nice progress but we have some hills ahead. Check the rises and drops over the next few days:

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