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This rather lovely park is just over the road from where I am staying. The Terminus hotel is cheap and very adequate.

In my haste to tell of the pig incident yesterday I forgot four very kind people who were nice to me. In the morning I had just been to a shop and was emptying tins and sauce into bags to reduce weight when a lady came over and gave me a chocolate croissant. Five minutes later a man who had a fruit stall wandered over with some tomatoes. In the afternoon I stopped for a drink (3 drinks and 4 ice pops to be precise) I got chatting to a bloke in the bar and he insisted on paying for my refreshments. Finally at the campsite I was in my tent about 2100 and there was a knock (if you can knock on a tent) and my neighbour passed me a beer. I can only conclude that I had a very needy look about me yesterday.

Today’s walk was about 25km so not ridiculous. It was however frustrating a I had to abandon my planned route as the tracks I was looking for were impossible to Identify among a host of others that weren’t mapped on my 1:100,000 sheet.

This did however mean I saw a bizarre sight on the main road I took
Into town. I was wandering along (looking good I suspect) when I approached a lay-by (appropriate as you will see). It was in the middle of nowhere really. There sat a woman in a chair, alone in the shade of a tree. She was dolled up in a major way and certainly didn’t look to be in any trouble. Cars kept beeping at as they went past. I walked by her and said hello. 50 yards later I turned round and she was gone. A White van had pulled in and I’m pretty sure she was in the back of it making someones day! An odd place to turn tricks but then I guess it reduces competition and the transient clientele – truckers etc are guaranteed.

So, I’m now in Bezieres and went to Le Cedre du Liban a fantastic Lebanese restaurant with a wonderful staff. I’ll be back there again tomorrow.

It looks like a nice place and a very welcome rest day.

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