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I want to express my enormous gratitude to Rob at Pedalheads Cycles in Knaresbrough for his amazing support for our upcoming Ride to the Rock. In the years since our ride across the USA I have done nothing by way of bike maintenance. When I have an issue,  I just take the bikes to Rob and they are returned in perfect order every time. This is nice, in fact its wonderful but it has made me lazy and out of practice.

From the beginning of April I am going to be working with Rob at the shop after hours to help me get back into the swing of fixing basic issues on the road.

When we cycled across the USA I fixed 6 – 8 flat tyres, a broken spoke, a broken pannier rack. Fairly straightforward issues in theory but in the middle of the Nevada desert it was the opposite of fun. I need to get back my relative proficiency and I am grateful to Rob for facilitating this.

Pedalheads is THE bike shop in the Harrogate / Knaresbrough area as far as I am concerned.


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