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So I left Paris this morning, it had been a great place to end Sara’s walk but now she is gone I had no reason to stay.

I wanted to push it a bit today and get a good long way from the city. I made 41km along the Seinne. It was a nice walk once I was out of the city as the suburbs along the banks are a bit rough.

It hasn’t rained since Amsterdam ie nearly 6 weeks. Crops are suffering here. I walked past fields of barley that is turning yellow. I hope it rains soon or the farmers will loose everything.

I head on to a place called Melun tomorrow . It’s a lot nearer and again on the river. I have map planned the route to Geneva (oh how I miss those fantastic Princes) it looks ok but quite complex and of course increasingly hilly.

Well I am going to sleep now. I think
I have become soft in 3 days in Paris as I’m dog tired. Goodnight all. Again sorry for delays in replying to your amazing messages. I will get back to you.

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