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Day 18

68 miles hills and beautiful mountains. 

We left the motel this morning at 0720. We rode out onto the main road and carried on the direction we were going yesterday on road 89. After just a few minutes I felt something wasn’t quite right. Another look at the map convinced me we were on the right road but going the wrong way. We quickly corrected this and after only 2 extra miles we were on our way to Escalante. 

The wind was blowing quite hard and into our faces as we left town. After an hour or so we entered Bruce Canyon National Park. We didn’t visit the canyon but the route through the park is amazing huge sandstone hills eroded into remarkable shapes jut up from the landscape all over the park. 

The ride through the park was not only beautiful but also easy as there is a cycle path that parallels the road and removes us from the clutches of the cyclist hating element of our fellow road users. 

Out of the park we spent the rest of the day climbing and descending over 10 hours. It’s a very slow process but we succeed. Mike has stayed with us and we both very much like his company. A very easy man to like. 

Our final climb of the day was a stinker. Not too long but very very steep. The reward however was this view: 

and a 10 mile downhill run to Escalante 

We are making great progress, we have stuck to our plan and it is working nicely. We have a massive climb tomorrow so we are heading to bed shortly.

Once again please let me apologise for my failure to reply to messages. I will try to get back to you but after 10 hours on the road it’s hard. We also have a constant battle to find signal and adequate wifi. 

I am grateful for every donation, message and share. Please spread the word as widely as you can. This project saves lives. 

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