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Today was not the most picturesque day of the walk so today’s photo is a competition. I will give my house and all it’s contents to the person who correctly identifies the subject. ***

I left the campsite this morning and enjoyed coffee in Oraison before hitting the road proper. The very pleasant owner of the cafe was telling me about his walking in Nepal. When it came time to leave he wouldn’t accept any money.

So, about 1600 I turned west and walked into Manosque . This is the start of my route above the Mediterranean coast. I don’t actually hit the coast itself for a while yet. If I followed the coastline exactly it would add hundreds of miles to the walk. Soon enough I will see the Med and then you will have to endure water photos instead of mountains.

*** note – house plus contents offer is subject to terms and conditions. I’ll make these up depending on who wins.

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