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I thought I should drop a quick update onto the website as it has been nearly a week since I left Starbeck. I have made it to South Sudan but not quite to the Project as yet.


There have been a few security issues so the decision was taken to keep me in Juba (the capital) until the situation was clearer. Anyway, it looks like I will be able to fly into Leer tomorrow and start to get on with the job I have come to do.


I am very much looking forward to meeting the team, one thing I have always enjoyed with MSF is meeting and working with people from all over the world.


Juba is a grubby mess of a place and I will not miss it. That said, the MSF staff here have been really kind and welcoming and I have enjoyed meeting them.


Its into the rainy season here (May- Oct) and it was chucking it down this morning, it is an odd place though as the ground dries rapidly and it quickly reverts to being very dusty.


I have spent the last few days reading the protocols for the Therapeutic Feeding Centre so it has definitely been time well spent. I am going to learn an awful lot on this mission I know it.


Righto, that’s me for now, I will write regularly and properly once I get to the project.

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