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Doctors Without Borders Hospital – Leer – South Sudan. For weeks, this lady came to our office to see if her prosthesis had arrived. She had a profound limp as you can imagine. As far as I recall, she was born with this leg length discrepancy. It made her life very difficult as well as having a huge impact on her body image.

Measurements and skin tone matching were done but there was a significant lead time in getting the prosthesis made. I suspect it was done in Kenya and would have to be brought to us on a supply flight when possible.

Finally it arrived and I was privileged to be at the office when the fitting was done. I can barely describe how happy she was to finally have a normal leg. Her dress covered her supported foot snd outwardly you couldn’t tell.

She walked away from our hospital elated.

Among many other remarkable things : this is what Doctors Without Borders does – it changes lives. Please support this by donating to my fundraising project. Please head to www.andy4msf.com and hit donate. – it’s £56 away from £113,000!


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