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I passed this and many other vineyards on the road from last nights camping place to Nuits St Georges. It’s the first time I’ve seen a vineyard I think. It was therefore quite significant for me.

I was expecting to stay in the woods tonight and that was fine. I am however on a campsite by the Saone river. I passed it en route and decided to have a night sans bites, foxes, pigs or chemical agent attack. Ok slight exaggeration with that last one.

I was sitting on my bag about 1500hrs when a lady in a car stopped. I assumed she was going to offer me a lift or some such. In fact she asked the person least likely for directions. Fortunately she was asking about the place I had just walked through so I was on this occasion able to help. She then warned me that further down the road there was a problem. Linguistic failing on my part prevented me understanding the problem. We gave up and she said goodbye. 5 mins later she came back and shouted “Pigs! Big Pigs!” this is starting to become a regular event – like goundHOG day – see what I did there?

I didn’t see the pigs but it’s been a nice day. On to Pierre de Bresse tomorrow.

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