Next Mission – 11 November, Sierra Leone, Ebola – and a way for YOU to help.


Sierra Leone Map

After a number of weeks waiting I finally have a mission in West Africa. On 11th November I will be heading to Amsterdam for training and then on to Eastern Sierra Leone to a town called Kailahun. I will be joining a well established Ebola treatment centre run by MSF. The mission is for a month and I will return to Harrogate on or around the 15th December.

It is hard to say how I feel right now, I am nervous, excited, worried and relieved. I was struggling to watch this tragedy unfold and not be involved in the efforts to help.

I will be posting updates on here as and when I can but before I go there are a few things that I want to stress. First of all, Doctors Without Borders needs YOU! They need you to keep the projects going. This is a hugely expensive commitment and my mission is just one of many that the organisation is dealing with right now. Syria has not gone away though the headlines have. The malnutrition and breakdown of health care in South Sudan continues on a massive scale though again, it has disappeared from the news.

You can help.

BWB Lady

On Saturday 29th November Burlesque Without Borders will provide a perfect opportunity to support MSF (and have a great time). This show has already raised over £8000 for MSF and I would ask that you come along, enjoy the best Burlesque night in Yorkshire and help raise £££££ for Doctors Without Borders. Click HERE for more info and tickets.

I may not get a chance to say goodbye for now to all of my friends for which I apologise. I will catch up with you in December.

The final thing I wanted to mention is the importance of FACT. There is a lot of rubbish floating around in the ether regarding Ebola. We must educate ourselves with trusted and proven fact and not allow fear to guide our judgement. Here is a good place to start:

Ebola Info

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