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Anyone who knows me is fully aware of the fact that I just about have one set of clothes. This is a little harsh as in fact there are variants on the theme. I have 12 white shirts, about 9 waistcoats a lot of ties and 5 suits. I haven’t worn jeans since the late 1980’s and firmly believe that T-shirts are for running. On the 14th October I will be at the Murder Mystery night at Scarletts Vintage Tea Rooms in Knaresbrough, Tracey who is running this night as an MSF fundraiser has decided (!) that I am going to be re-branded. In return for money donated to MSF I will not only be losing my trusty beard. This will be the first time I will be totally naked (facially) since about 2005 but I will also be changing my wardrobe for a week. I will wear any mens cloths given from the 14th with the rule that I have to be seen in public places (photographic evidence will be forthcoming).

If you wish to support the shearing and change of look , please donate to MSF via TRACEY’S website HERE . If you have clothes with which you wish to humiliate me, please drop me a line and we can sort a meet.

Why not come along to the Murder Mystery night and see the whole thing live and bring the clothes with you. Details are on the notice above.

Thank you as always for your support.

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