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Day 44 & a day off

33 miles



We left the Lutheran Church near Walnut yesterday at about 0900. We were late starting as a miserable storm blew up early in the morning and we decided to wait for it to pass. The problem was that it didn’t pass and we then had to make a decision as to wether we sat tight or braved the elements. We decided on bravery. Moments later we were out in the howling wind and sideways rain wishing we had chosen cowardice.

It took us nearly 1.5 hours to cycle 12 miles into Girard where we planned a break , the rain lashed against our faces and felt like little needles. Finally we made it to a Mexican restaurant and enjoyed some very tasty food while we dried out.

Our goal for the day was Pittsburg a further 14 miles down the road. Fortunately the rain stopped and the wind dropped considerably while we were in Girard so the second half of the ride was much easier. In fact by the time we neared our destination it was hard to tell that it had even rained.

We arrived in Pittsburg and were taking to the very kind people in the tourist information office when a lady wandered past. She came back again moments later and offered there and then to let us stay at her home. We gratefully accepted this offer and after sorting one or two things out in town we rode to the south west of the city and out into the country. Her we met up once again with our lovely hosts Susie, her husband Martin, her son Byron and his girlfriend Regan. We are now ensconced in the top floor of the most amazing barn ever. Horses downstairs, upstairs a flat with a/c, luxurious bed and everything we could possibly need.


Susie took us to a family owned supermarket last night and we bought stacks of fruit and other fine food which is so nice after days of chips, crisps, hash browns and bread. Its not easy being vegan in Kansas.

At 1300 Larry a local farrier came to cut the horses hooves. He did a great job, was very nice with the animals and equally kind to us , taking time to explain his jobs and to chat with us.


Later this afternoon we gave an interview to a very pleasant chap called Drew Nash from the Crawford County Convention and Visitors Bureau. Drew spent a few hours with us, recorded some nice video segments, asked some great questions and hopefully I will link the finished video on here soon.


Tonight we have enjoyed a meal, a drink and chats with our amazing hosts. Thank you to Susie, Marty, Byron and Regan for looking after us and being simply superb.


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