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Day 59

55 miles 

The rain had stopped during the night and when I looked out of the window at 0515 it was dry much to our relief. We would have had to cycle anyway as we are very much on a schedule now. 

We set off for Washington Court House a 55 miles ride. We stopped briefly at a drive through shop run by a nice young lady called Brittany. We travelled all the way to Ohio before we have seen these. You simply drive in and the staff come to the car and pass crisps, beer etc. Honestly, I realise the car is king in the USA but this is remarkable:

Onwards to Wilmington and a break in the General Denver where we had a mid day cycling beer! We never do this but today it just happened with some encouragement from Nate who works at the bar and is extremely switched on and very helpful.

Wilmington is a nice looking town and I’m sad we weren’t able to make it here yesterday. 

We pushed on to Washington Court House and arrived at a very civilised 1630hrs. 

The one downside of today is that I think I have a problem with the bearings in my front wheel. It started making a vague clicking noise but when I spin the wheel it has a distinct grinding feeling. I can get to a bike shop in 2 days (120 miles) here’s hoping it lasts. 

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