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I just wanted to write a short post/tribute to a friend of mine. Anna is more than a friend; she is an MSF colleague and co-author (senior partner) of Ebola: Behind the Mask. She is an inspiration; I can sense her discomfort with this as I type! Some things need to be said – sorry Anna.

She is now well into her second year in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) working with MSF in a highly volatile context. There is ongoing conflict in the area she is working as a rebel group called M23 battles government forces. This conflict has led to population displacement and a breakdown of infrastructure. They are now dealing with a Cholera outbreak. I spent a short time working in a cholera outbreak in Juba (South Sudan in 2008) and it is a very intense clinical environment.

Anna is Medical Teal Leader (MTL)  a post generally reserved for those with significant field experience. The measure of her ability is that she is doing a fantastic job on only her SECOND mission. I met her on her first in Sierra Leone during the  Ebola outbreak. It was immediately apparent that she could adapt and excel in challenging, new contexts and that continues to be the case.

As uncomfortable as it may be for you, Anna, thank you, you are a remarkable woman and I am proud to call you my friend.

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