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Sometimes you just meet people who make you feel so comfortable and relaxed that you feel like you have known them forever.  This happened at the Devonshire Fell in Burnsall on Monday.

I was invited to join a magnificent group consisting of Business people, Journalists, Authors and Artists all associated in one way or another with Cycling.

I was invited to attend by the wonderful Wendy Preston the who gave me the opportunity to talk to these inspiring people about MSF and the unsupported Trans USA cycle ride that I am going to do in 2016.

Each one of the guests had a fascinating story and a gift – either in business , writing or the arts and I felt honoured to be among them. We talked a lot, cycled through some breathtakingly beautiful countryside, went to the pub and finally ate like kings at the Devonshire Fell.

I am excited in the extreme to announce that I now have a kit sponsor for the 2016 ride.  I will be proudly wearing cycle wear by FAT LAD AT THE BACK.


Fat Lad Logo


This is a huge help and motivator for me and I am very grateful to Lynn and Richard for their support. I am also most chuffed to be wearing the clobber of what may be the best name  ever for sportsgear!

Thank you to everyone who made this day so special. Particular thanks to Wendy for keeping the day on track and making it seem like it was easy! You are a master of your craft.

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