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They have already bought the wine for my arrival in Barcelona as you can see.

I was monsooned upon the night before last and then harassed by a wild pig last night. I arrived at the place I’d chosen to camp about 1630 it was on some open scrub land on the edge of a wood near a motorway. I chose it as I was using the motorway to navigate easily to Montbazin. I was all set up and it was starting to get dark when I heard a rustle in the bushes and out comes a pig. It was huge I got a photo of it on my camera.

It made sense to me all of a sudden what had made some paths I’d seen earlier. I had to move, there was no choice as this guy was going to be back and possibly with reinforcements. I climbed a fence having chucked my stuff over and spent the night by the motorway. Noisy but pig free. – Its worth knowing that they can weigh up to 200kg!

I’m now in Pezanas and on a campsite. I’ve even had a shower which was heaven. I move again tomorrow then a day off. I’m ready for it.

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