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I really love these photos. I took them in the inpatient feeding centre (with permission of the adults and the children unidentifiable) in Leer Hospital (South Sudan). Mothers would stay in the feeding centre whilst we cared for their children. It was often a long process and there was little for the mothers and the recovering children to do.

I decided to make a mini playground for them. I raided the logistics store area and cobbled together a see-saw and some swings. Most of the parents and nearly all of the children had never seen these things never mind played on them.

It was so lovely to see them relaxed and enjoying themselves. I especially like the bottom picture . The lady is having such fun. I remember her laughing for so long during snd after her first go on a swing.

As well as physical care, MSF provides important psychological support for patients in many contexts. This is one tiny example that I am disproportionately proud of.

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