Milford to Cedar City

Day 16

53 miles of grim – with a happy ending

This picture shows my view for about 95% of the day. The headwind was torturous. I am not going to rewrite the day into something it wasn’t so I will be honest. 

We left Milford and cycled to nearby Minersville about 13 miles down the road. This wasn’t too bad and we were there in just over an hour. We enjoyed a drink and a chat with John a young man from Maryland who is cycling to San Francisco. 

Back on the bikes and immediately it became clear that the wind direction was going to haunt us all day. I had a major sense of humour failure fairly early on as I found that I had to pedal hard to go downhill!

I therefore spent most of the day looking at the road surface 5-10 yards in front of me as I forced the bike along. Tracey tried to encourage me but I was beyond salvation today. 

We made it to Cedar city about 1845 and did some food shopping. We left the supermarket and started to head towards the city. As we cycled we saw a motorcyclist pulled in at the side of the road, we decided to ask him if there were places to stay nearby. He immediately said that he had stopped to ask if we needed a place to stay. So here we are, the gentleman that saved our day – Rory, his lovely wife Vicki and their son Reed are kindly hosting us tonight. They have given us food, a shower, a lovely comfy bed and true kindness. We told them about Brad and Stacey near Fallon and how we have met such lovely people.

We chatted till about 2330 and then we headed to bed. 

I have a couple of minor problems that need a day or two to settle (you really don’t want to know). We are therefore going to break in Cedar City and head to the Grand Canyon for a day off. 
The bloody wind can do what it wants till Monday! 

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