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What an amazing night we had! The Halloween Special of Metal Sans Frontieres was immense.

As you can see above the motley crew that turned up made a great effort and looked fantastic. The music was played by our fantastic DJ’s Stuart Gadd (Mr G. Reaper), Stuart Bilton, DJ Scooby (The Bishop) and Mike Firth (see below). Huge thanks as always to Mr Allan Smyth for all of the amazing equipment that makes this night happen – it would be quiet without it!

The air guitar contest was a rowdy affair which ended in a play off between Mike (Zombie Elvis) and Josh (Dracula) with Mike triumphing in the end. Tearful, Josh sat in the corner nursing a cup of blood and weeping over what might have been for the rest of the evening. Mike on the other hand gleefully ate brains while humming ‘Blue Suede Shoes’.

Later the best dressed of our guests were narrowed down to Karen (Medusa) Mike (again!) and the eventual winner by popular vote – Helen the face torn zombie – beautiful.

Not only was this night a great deal of fun, it also raised £122.50 for Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders.

May I thank everyone who came and who made this night so special. As always, particular thanks to DJ Scooby and Karen who run the event.

Loads of photos will be posted on Facebook very soon (also the Air Guitar Comp and some special dance footage) – they are extremely good.

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