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As ever Metal Sans Frontieres was a night of great fun , loudness and in my case sporadic incomprehension.

First of all, as ever the thanks . Thank you to all of our DJs who always do a magnificent job of irreparably damaging our hearing but make the process pleasurable!

Thank you to Allan Smythe who once again provided the amazing equipment to make this night happen. If you run events and need audio visual kit Allan is THE man check his site HERE .

Huge thanks as ever go to Karen & DJ Scooby for coming up with the idea and for setting up and just generally running the whole business – amazing.

The air guitar contest was as ever superb and hotly contested. Mr George Miller won the golden guitar and can be see with this award plus a rather splendid guitar shaped pizza cutter. Life gets no better than this George. You have peaked my friend.

At 2230 I stepped to the decks and for the first time in my life had a go at being a DJ. Its bloody tricky actually but I think it went ok and I really enjoyed it. Earlier in the evening I had been given a lesson by Scooby & Stuart, you can see how that was going in the bottom photo.

All in all this was a great night and I would love to see people flocking to it, it deserves support . It is a friendly event where all are welcome and the club treat us very well  which is superb.

Finally the total raised by the wonderful people who came £129.50 you are the best you lovely Rock n Rollers! See you at the next one!



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