Melun to woods north west of Moret-sur-Loing


So here is my home. This will be my first ever night in this one man tent. Should be fine. About an hour from here I walked through a place called Avon. In this most unlikely of places I came across a great shop selling loads of vegan food. I gleefully added smoked soya to my pasta tonight and am nicely full.

There are loads of Mosquitos after me in these woods, one cheeky git bit me through my sock, I caught it mid bite!

It’s been a nice 25 km today. Quite a lot of people stopped me to chat about the walk which was nice I just wish I could say more. I am listening to a French course as I walk and I am trying hard so hopefully I’ll improve.

I plan to adjourn to the tent soon to read and to write up my journal.

For anyone following the route, I’m heading for Sens over the next couple of days. That’s my next planned break.

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