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Lattes! Ah, I miss Bean & Bud!

If I was a Premier League footballer I’d say it was 110% humidity today. I remember being in Madras in ’97 and having a shower, walking out of the hotel and thinking – why did I bother. It’s the same. Here however I ain’t going to be showering tonight – or tomorrow. I was going to stay on a site but it’s €26.80 so I’m wild camping for nowt just round the corner.

My dad used to joke about a kid who ran behind a bus and proudly told his father how he saved the fare, his dad smacks him one and says you should have run behind a taxi and saved 4 times as much!

Anyway, the point is it is not only free but I have my own plumb tree growing wild next to my tent. They are sweet and juicy. So I win x 2.

Good walk today if humid and yes,
I have seen the med!

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