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Day 47

63 miles

Before we left Pat and Mark in Marshfield there was one last treat for us. Pat took us out of town to see the Amish community near to the town. It was very interesting to see how these people live so simply. 

After this we said our goodbyes to Pat and Mark. They were wonderful hosts and looked after us so well. Thank you very much. 

We left the city late, about 0900 as we enjoyed the chat and company. Soon we were into the sharp climbs and sudden drops so typical of the Ozarks. This was the form for the day, up and down, up and down. Despite the somewhat challenging hills, Missouri is truly beautiful, Tracey and I agreed that it looks a lot like Yorkshire in places .

We made good progress arriving in Houston without any problems. I do have one annoying issue, my front derailleur shifter is playing up. Fortunately we are only 3 days from a bike shop and I’m sure it’ll be easily sorted. 

Incidentally, if you’re looking for a gun, check this out. You don’t get this with the Harrogate Lions! 

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