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A longer hike today, about 33km to some lovely woods. An owl is hooting in the distance as we lay in the tent.

The walk was through beautiful open country until the last 4km or so in the woods. We met some nice people who wanted to know about the walk. I try my best in French but it’s a massacre of something lovely. I was able to ask and find a bakery and book a room at a hotel over the phone today. Least ways I think I have. We may arrive in Noyon to find my half dozen antelopes smeared in butter and on castors are all ready and waiting!

It was a hot sunny day so the solar charger was strapped to my wrist to keep me connected to the world. Check out the Gambaru wrist band. Francesca – know that your hard work has paid off and I am in great shape thanks to you and jonathan for all of the training and support at Gambaru.

On to St Quentin tomorrow and a rest day after.

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