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A vision of the future Winston – turns out it’s not a boot stamping on a human face forever it’s hills!

The terrain has really changed, I spent 8 hours walking up and down hills today. Some incredible views and some aching legs. I have become quite fit these last few weeks and could walk 30 -40 km without suffering. This however was on the relative flat. The Jura mountains now beckon and I felt the pain as I arrived in Sombernon. It’s fine as I will soon get used to the hills and be even fitter.

The view from the hotel (above) is quite stunning and I feel very lucky tonight.

I have been thinking a lot over these last few days, going over various events and decisions I have made. This is inevitable I guess with so much time to myself. It’s fine too, as Springsteen sang “it’s a sad man my friend thats living in his own skin and can’t stand the company”.

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