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Day 57

62 miles damp morning , another state and a very lovely place to stay. 

We woke this morning to flashes of lightning, rumbling thunder and pouring rain. The torrential rain started at about 0500 and continued till 0800. We left when it was easing off but not quite fully stopped. It finally dried up about 0930. 

Most of today’s ride on Highway 50 (our old friend lady encountered in Nevada) was uneventful. The one notable event was a sodding puncture. We had 3 before arriving in Madison, only found a cause for the first and again today, no cause. The tyre was checked and fine, the rim smooth and clean nothing to explain the repeated punctures. I replaced the tube and in the evening I ran some insulation tape over the top of the rim tape to be extra sure. 

We passed an old Model A Ford by the side of the highway it had been restored and looked great in front of the old petrol station. 

About 4 miles from Cleves we crossed the Indiana – Ohio border. Ohio state No 9 of our odyssey. 

We made it to Cleves about 1800 and met a quite remarkable lady called Monica who runs the Miami Motel. This place is a true haven for lovely people who need a break and a place to stay while they sort a few things out in life. For example, Cameron a very nice 16 year old who excels at martial arts but has seen awful street violence including his friend being shot dead next to him. I liked Cameron a lot and hope that his strength in rising above the adversity he has faced can be maintained. 

Cameron and Gayle

Gayle is  a lovely lady who has had a laryngectomy and has therefore gone through a tough personal journey of her own. Nevertheless she remains optimistic, happy and caring about others. She insisted on making a donation to MSF when we told her what we are doing. 
Monica is there to support all of these people and more. It is a tight community and we are privileged to have passed through their lives. 


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