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Today’s walk of 43 km (27 miles) into Paris was tough in the extreme it was however a massive milestone for me and the end point for my wonderful friend Sara. She has been inspirational since Amsterdam, she has helped and encouraged me at all turns and I am so pleased she has been with me. We have walked a total of 447 miles together.

We now have until Wednesday evening to relax and enjoy Paris before Sara heads home. We celebrated the arrival in this great city in style tonight (see the pic). We will say hello at the MSF office tomorrow before having a look round.

One tragic yet funny thing happened today. My sleeping bag zip died a while ago and I decided to give it away to a homeless person in Paris. Sara decided to do the same with her sleeping mattress. We thought this would make someone very happy.

Not wanting to make a massive deal of it, we saw a guy sleeping under a road bridge as we neared the end of our walk along the canal into the city. I decided to just give him the things and walk away. I put them down and he immediately kicked off royally. He took the sleeping bag and roll and threw them in the canal. This was not quite the end result we had in mind. Anyway never mind. As we say in England -C’est la vie.

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