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The French language continues its destruction. I spent the morning with my amazing Auntie wrecking what is meant to be one of the romance languages. There was no romance in what I was doing thats for sure. I feel sorry for any Frenchman unlucky enough to meet me on my travels next year. If I mumble something about wanting to know if a cat fits in the moon on a tuesday night in Nice  – Just point me in the direction of the Mediterranean coast and smile!

I went into Harrogate after this to take the photo you see here for framing. This once only print has been donated for sale to raise funds for MSF via walka2b . The picture was taken by a great friend of mine who was once a lab tech with MSF and is now a professional photographer. Alessandro Vincenzi is a gifted artist , a lovely man and as of a short time ago a proud father. 50, 000 thanks my friend. The beautiful people at Bass & Bligh Photography shop printed it for me without charge. It is now being framed and will soon hang for sale in Redhouse Originals a new and amazing gallery in the gate whose recent opening exhibition included work by Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, Sir Peter Blake and Banksy.

Finally , Lily LaBelle and I rehearsed the routine for Burlesque Without Borders which rocks Leeds next Thursday. I briefly tried on my costume – brief being the operative word !

I shall be back with further disturbing imagery soon  x

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