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The biggest smile in the world seemed like the only photo to use for this post. I took this beautiful photo in the ITFC (Therapeutic Feeding Centre) in Leer  South Sudan. The young lady was a sibling of one of our patients, why was she smiling? New play Station? X-Box? iPhone? Nope, just because for the first time in her life someone took her photo! Thats all it took.

On Monday 29th July 2019 we hit the £100,000 fundraising target set just over 9 years ago.  This followed a remarkable donation from the amazing owners of Lights4Fun .

It would be a huge shame not to celebrate this success and so here we go:

Saturday 24th August 2019

The Corner Haus Harrogate 

19:00hrs – around Midnight

This is OUR success and we should all celebrate it so wether you have put on an event , attended one, bought a raffle ticket, donated online, created something and sold it or just tolerated me over the years come along and relax with friends.

You deserve it.

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