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Check out the fantastic Leedamer cheese. My one frustration in the world of being vegan is cheese. Walking through France will be torture!

On our way to the national park (40km Dave) we stopped to watch a guy digging his garden wearing clogs (the guy not the garden). It’s good to know this eminently practical footwear is still being used . We also stopped to watch some frogs having sex. Pretty hot stuff they have got going on in the ditches of Holland.

The walk to the camping ground was very lovely , it is in an area with a huge expanse of sand, it really is like a desert in the middle of Europe. We had to take 2 ferries otherwise it would have added another 80 km to the walk if we had gone to and from bridges. Holland can be tricky to walk.

We arrived at the site late, about 2000hrs to be welcomed by a gazillion mozzies. We fought them back with repellant and attitude. No bites !

On to Breda next.

I need to add a thank you here . PREMIER TELECOM’s support is the reason I am able to update this blog. Without their help I would not be able to keep the walk alive for you. Thanks guys.

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