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Today was a very important day. Tracey and I helped save a precious life.

We left Nouvion about 0830 went to a local supermarket and bought some hummus and bread – heated up some green beans and corn that we bought yesterday and ate them as the rain started to fall. This was the first rain we have seen since we started and was expected. It didn’t last more than about the first hour.

So, on we went. The Ansell leg pushes towards Paris. 56 miles today – if we were on road bikes and just us this wouldn’t be too challenging but we carry everything and the bikes weigh about 40kg fully loaded. The cycling , though long was very beautiful and I have to say straightforward. We met a nice guy called Marcus who is cycling from his home near Cologne to Santiago de Compostela in northwest Spain. We will be following a similar route at least to Paris so we may meet again.

We cycled on some really nice bike tracks through woods this was absolute pleasure after the challenge of yesterdays terrain.

Soon we were cruising along next to a canal – this was once again amazing – flat, a smooth surface and easy navigation. We were  just discussing how nice it was when we looked ahead to see a man watching his dog swimming in the canal. As we got closer however we realised that it wasn’t a dog, it was a little deer that had fallen into the canal and couldn’t get out due to the steep sides . It was swimming up and down a long section. There was no way we could leave it. Tracey cycled back up the track to ask for help while I kept an eye on its location. Tracey returned with some local people who called the Pompieres (fire fighters). They came after about 10 minutes with a boat. They had about 4 failed attempts to get a lasso around its neck. Finally succeeding near a bridge. I helped pull him out of the canal and they bound his feet so he could be transferred to be checked by a vet before release.

Saved by some quick responding and very good firemen – lots of backslapping took place after the rescue.

We were so happy that this beautiful creature was saved . This is by a mile todays highlight. Thank you to Google translate for helping Tracey and I to communicate our need for help.

After this we carried on towards Noyon passing some lovely scenery and celebrating life – of all kinds

We made Noyon about 1830hrs and will rest happy tonight.

Thank you all once more for your support, donations and kindness.

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