Lattes to near Montbazin


Looking at this lovely photo it is hard to imagine that last night and this am it was pouring with rain, thunder lightening (oh baby it frightening etc etc). I was woken by thunder and rain about 0300. A minor tent problem kept me busy. I had problems erecting the pole after the wind dislodged it. I will leave the childish comments re this to the usual suspects. Don’t let me down (!)

This morning I had to pack as best as I could as the rain could have been set for the day. Inevitably my kit got a bit damp. Fortunately the dry bag saved the important stuff.

It brightened by 1200 and I got some great looks as I hung my tent plus sleep bag and liner in olive trees along the road side.

It has stayed dry since and is s beautiful sunny evening now, I’m pitched on some scrub land about 250 yards from a motorway but noone will be coming here. Let’s see if hurricanes or savage wild animals are tonights entertainment.

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