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Day 39

59 miles of ba****d headwind and some truly lovely people. 

The day started as it meant to go on – with a strong and unrelenting headwind. It blew all day straight from the east. It kills me, slowly wears me down. It’s the awful feeling of not getting much forward movement for a lot of effort. It was a day when we had to pedal to progress on the few downhills on a predominantly flat ride. 

We had a very positive moment when we saved the very large turtle (with a big long tail) you can see above.

We finally rolled into Nickerson about 1630 about 9.5 hours after we set off, damned wind. 

We were going to camp in the park but after a chat with a lovely lady called Betty in the library we had another great option. Betty called the Mayors wife June who came to the library and then took us to the community centre, opened it up especially and allowed us to stay the night inside. We are very grateful to the kind people of Nickerson wonderful examples of hospitality and generosity to strangers. These are the memories of today that I choose to focus on and to hell with the wind and struggle. 

It’s always about the people. 

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