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I was rudely woken at 0700 this am when a bunch of workmen who pitched up at Chernobyl to collect sand and gravel (to chuck at the reactor core I assume). Anyway, they saw me but were fine, one was very interested in the walk which is nice.

Today has been a canal day again, the aqueduct in the photo was one of maybe 10 I passed.

I got a tiny bit lost looking for a short cut (which therefore became a long-cut) but figured it out reasonably quickly with only about a km added.

I arrived at the campsite about 1700 to find it was going to cost €21.60 to pitch a single man tent – a laugh was clearly being had. I think the lady realised I didn’t actually wish to buy the site and only wanted to stay a night. She went away for a few minutes and when she returned the charge was €17.50. I still feel violated but quite frankly I’m knackered and I smell like a wet dog. I paid my ransom and pitched the tent. I showered and washed my top. I’m now sweet again.

Finally a big non thanks to the person who stole the 2 maps I sent home from Manosque. The empty envelopes arrived yesterday. Why – (apart from the obvious ie to navigate with) would someone do this. I wanted to keep them as they all have my exact route marked as well as my notes. Grrrrr!

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