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Day 6 

30 miles – Severe ups and frightening downs.

Thirty miles today and hopefully things will flatten out for a while after this leg. 

We were up early today at 0545, it was freezing cold where we camped near Kirkwood. My fingers were numb after taking the tent down. We slept well and were nice and warm in the night as we had planned for the varied climates. 

Beans and noodles soon heated up with our new stove. Once wolfed down we were on the road. Climbing again. Another 800 feet to about 8800 at Carsons Pass. There was then a huge drop to the run into Lake Tahoe. 

Once again we have met some lovely people the highlight today was a lovely man called Rick Gunn who has recently returned from doing aid work on the Greek border. Once again I get to meet kind and caring people. 

We arrived in South Lake Tahoe about 1300hrs. We found our motel and checked in, it will be good to have a night in a real bed after some hard cycling.

We dropped the bikes with some very nice people at the Over The Edge bike shop for them to check Wiggo & Daisy over (note to Andrew & Paul of the Big Red Bike Co – the names stuck).

After 6 days on the road we are having 2 special days off to visit Yosemite National Park. We are driving South tomorrow, camping at Lee Vining and then returning to Lake Tahoe to pick up the serviced bikes after a whistle stop tour of one of the most amazing parks in the US. It will be beautiful I am sure but it will also give our aching legs and yes, bottoms chance to recover. 

Finally as you can see in the picture we are at the California / Nevada state line. We have cycled approximately 220 miles ie from Harrogate to London. If you think this is impressive, please share these posts and ask people to donate to MSF. 

Thanks as always. 

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