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Ebola : Behind the Mask in Imagined Things

It’s been too long since I was in Imagined Things Bookshop in Westminster Arcade Harrogate. Today, I not only made it to the shop but was lucky to have a chance to chat to Georgia and Jo between customers.

This shop is the perfect example of why we should actively support independents. They will help customers to the very best of their ability (which is considerable). Today I heard about a phenomenally vague description of a book given by a customer. The guys at IT spent ages but nailed down the book for the customer. You rarely , if ever get that service in chains and never on Amazon.

Amazon has its uses in the world of books, you can carry out some research to find what you want but I would definitely advise to then buy at such as Imagined Things. Supporting families rather than billionaires is always preferable.

The other issue is quality, here I have surprising personal experience. I was shocked when I saw the quality of Ebola : Behind the Mask (written by Dr Anna Simon and myself) as sold by Amazon . Their version is printed to order and is nowhere near the standard from our publisher as sold in IT at the same price.

Finally, there is the great feeling of walking away with the book you want from a shop and sitting in a pub and getting straight into it. That’s where I am today. I bought some light reading about viruses in Imagined Things and took myself to The Disappearing Chin on Beulah St.

I will now spend an hour reading and relaxing over a drink and an interesting book. That said – it can’t be as interesting as Ebola : Behind the Mask but then I’m potentially biased.


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