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So, after about a month of catching up and having a lovely time I am about to head back to work. Quite honestly I am am very happy to be heading back to Intensive Care. Why wouldn’t I be? I like the place a lot, enjoy my job and work with lovely people . I have been supported  by my bosses at every stage of the walk and owe them big. Thank you Harrogate District Hospital.

Now I am starting to look to the future and what comes next. I have a few ideas, I want to work with MSF again soon , hopefully a short term mission that can fit in with work and leave somehow. After this I am looking at another big challenge. This is where I need your ideas.

My idea is a walk across the USA – 3000 miles with a start towards the end of 2013. What I want is your ideas of alternative projects.

Only a few criteria: No heights involved – I’m not going to climb K2 on a space hopper! It has to be fundable by me with my savings – the money I collect goes to MSF so it can’t be something that involves expensive equipment purchase. Needless to say it has to be environmentally and ethically sound – ill trust your judgement on that.

I plan to get 20 or so ideas together, choose 5 of the best and then you decide which I do with an online poll.

So, get involved, email me on [email protected] or via Facebook, Twitter (both as walka2b).

I look forward to hearing from you.

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