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Base Last Day 3 2014-12-12

It has been said many times that I need help (see above) but this time I am actually asking for it.

You may have heard about a certain Art Raffle that I am connected with (I have mentioned it once or twice). Clearly it needs to raise thousands for MSF and to do this we need to flog tickets. I therefore propose the following:

Sunday 1 March : a social at the pub : 10 Devonshire Place at 1500hrs (3:00pm). 

At this I am going to try to sell you a raffle ticket BUT, I am also going to ask you to take 5 away with you to sell for MSF. This could be really effective and bring in a lot of money. I know that I have asked many of you to do some pretty ludicrous things over the years – Latex catwalks etc etc so on so this is relatively normal.

Come along for a drink anyway . I am also going to use this as a way to catch up with many people who I haven seen since returning from Sierra Leone. I am sorry about that but I have been swept up by the fundraising and socialising has kind of ceased at the moment.

See you on Sunday I hope…….

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