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I can’t eat em but I can definitely appreciate the look of Belgian Chocs. So we made it to Brussels. The first day walking in the rain and it was fine actually. Boots were a bit tight after a week in walking shoes. We have just hit the 200 mile mark and all is well.

Todays amazing person – Bart- a lad in his 20s cycling to India on a Rowbike – yeah, I had never heard of them either. It is a bizarre contraption worked on pulleys and strings. He lays back and pulls the handle bars and then pushes through his legs to propel the damn thing- laid down. I wish him luck on his adventure and offer my respect to his spirit.

Brussels centre is lovely the old church and square light up on an evening to make a for a very beautiful scene.

We will be saying hello and a big thank you to MSF Belgium tomorrow. They have sorted some greatly discounted accommodation for us. MSF looks after their own very well!

Tourist things tomorrow PM once the work is done, a look at the European Parliament may be on the cards, I would like to see where bastions of democracy such as Nick Griffin represent us!

It looks like ” days or so under canvas after this as accommodation is a bit thin on the ground. We will see. Options seem to just appear as we go on.

Happy Royal Wedding day to all back home. This goes out especially to Mrs Powell who is planning a big fundraiser for walka2b around the wedding. Also Mrs Prince, hope the knitting is done in time .

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