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Last night I presented to the Hull Medical Society.

I travelled to the city in the afternoon and spent a little while looking round the centre. I visited the Maritime museum before heading to a nice coffee shop to run through my slides one last time. I have recently added a section on Ebola vaccines and therapies which involved a lot of reading and learning.

My friend Saphia met me at 1730hrs and we left for the hospital. Saphia has organised this series of lectures and I am very grateful that she deemed me worthy of a place.

A nice glass of wine steadied the nerves as the time for the presentation neared. As is normally the case, my nervousness was unfounded and it all went to plan. I didn’t accidentally swear, I remembered what I wanted to say and my trouser zip was up! All good.

Everyone was so kind. It was truly an honour to speak to such a group. Lots of great questions both in the lecture theatre and over dinner. I also met some fascinating people with amazing life stories. Just one of those was an incredible retired Doctor who worked in The Congo for 10 years 50’s into the 60’s. He was telling me about dealing with a Smallpox outbreak. This is living history. I am unlikely to ever meet anyone else who has experience in this now eradicated disease.

I am now on the train back to Harrogate but leave Hull with Gond memories of wonderful people.

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