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Day 48

43 Miles up hill & down dale, hot & humid 

A very hot and humid ride today. The hills added a further level of challenge. The low rollers you see above were just that rollers compared to the 90• rises (slight exaggeration only) we faced later in the day. 

The topography here is nuts, hill after hill with short breaks in between. This has meant a slight re-plan of daily goals as the ones we set back home just aren’t realistic. 

We left Houston this morning at a reasonable time and called at a veterans memorial near the edge of town (the flags above). 

Carrying on we could feel the temperature rising as the morning went on. With it the humidity rose too creating a very tough cycling environment.We drank and drank and also stopped in a couple of places for extra drinks and ice lollies! 

We visited Alley Spring just outside Eminence where there is an old mill which was interesting to visit but best of all was the clear Spring itself. It has a flow of 80 million gallons a day!

Back on the road to Eminence and we saved the little turtle you see above. We were cycling up a hill when I saw him about 50 yards away crawling across the road. I sped up but before I could get to him a truck came round the corner. I thought he was a goner for sure but he had luck on his side and was in the middle of the lane. He hid in his shell when the truck went over him and then came out looking the opposite of happy when I picked him up. His little legs were flailing as I set him down at the side of the road, safe in some bushes and pointing in the direction of the river. 

We arrived in Eminence sweaty, tired but happy. We decided to stay at a B&B tonight and what a beauty it is. $50 for the room which is very reasonable. We will sleep well tonight albeit with a few aches : Tracey’s hip and my left knee are playing up. 

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