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Huge thanks to the staff and children of Highfield Preparatory School who came to my talk this morning.

Thank you specifically to James Savile and Andy Hart for arranging the talk and looking after me during my visit.

This was a truly inspiring talk – that’s me being inspired, not the children! I spoke for about an hour covering MSF’s role, my missions and the fundraising activities. The children were amazing. The best questions I have ever been asked.

It is difficult to hold the interest of a lot of children at one time but this group had no trouble. They interacted throughout, asking questions during and after the talk. They even found my jokes funny!

Highfield’s links with Bombo Uganda provided an instant topic and commonality with my own missions. The school has a long term connection with this town in central Uganda. Pupils, parents and staff are continuing the link with the town in February 2018 when they will visit again as they help to develop Bombo’s school.

In summary, I am slowly learning how to pitch my presentations to different ages and am very happy to talk at schools. More so after today.

Thank you all.

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