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Amsterdam continues to be one of my favourite cities. The lovely folk at MSF (H) have provided a flat in the centre normally used for returning expats. It is very comfortable and in near some great places.

I am finding it difficult to relax fully as I want to be on the road as soon as possible but this is such a cool place to be in limbo I think I can cope!

Roving gangs of British hens and stags do our international reputation the world of good . I’m sure the multi lingual Dutch love to learn new phrases all the time. Therefore “aaaarggh Kev mate I’m gonna spew” should be viewed as culturally enriching.

I am checking in on latitude daily so you can follow my progress. The maps on the “where I am” section of the website get better all the time . Thank you Herr Prince.

I may not update later, everyone has secrets !

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