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I have set up my little table sandwiched between two spectacular stalls at the Harrogate comic con at Rossett School Sports Centre.

The doors opened at 1000 and I’ll be here till either I sell all the comics, I get pressure sores, I can’t take the Star Wars theme tune any more or it reaches 1600hrs and closes.

I am selling these lovely comics to raise money for Doctors Without Borders (just in case you thought it might have been for Al Shabaab).

I have the lovely Tabbetha and Brandon Atyeo to thank for this opportunity. In 2016 they kindly donated a huge bag of pristine comics for me to sell as a fundraiser. It has taken me until this point to find the right forum to flog them. Thank you both very much for your kindness.

I have somewhere between zero and minus 23 knowledge about these comics so please come along and either take advantage of me or advise me on any gems.

Maybe see you later.


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