Hanksville to Hite

Day 21

50 miles hot hot hot (& windy)

A windy, hot but ultimately beautiful day. 
Out of Hanksville into a strong headwind that stayed wit his most of the day. We cycled through wide open expanses until midday and then we started to pass through similar huge red sandstone mountains to yesterday. 

Whenever we had a brief respite from the wind the temperature soared. It was roasting today, easily in the mid 30c and is going to be higher tomorrow. 

We arrived at Hite about 1600 and set up camp next to a Ranger Station. 

We cooked, ate, watched lizards and waited for sunset. When it came it was unimaginably beautiful. The photo barely does it justice.

On to Natural Bridges tomorrow with a 0430 start to avoid the heat. 

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