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Day 69

31 miles – short ride to Bethlehem, room at the Scottish Inn & Suites. 

We deliberately had a short day today. We decided to just cycle to Bethlehem and get our washing done and have a relaxing night in a proper bed. 

The ride was very nice, we are dropping out of the Appalachians now as we approach the Atlantic coast. 

The German influence on this area was obvious yesterday when as you see we camped near Hamburg. Today we have ridden through such places as Krumsville, Lenhartsville and Fogelsville.  

We stopped for a while at a place called New Smithville when we saw these amazing old cars, now I am certainly no car enthusiast but these exude cool!

We cycled on, through the bustling centre  of Allentown and into Bethlehem. We found a motel where we washed our clothes, dried the tent, aired the sleeping bags and relaxed. Into New Jersey tomorrow for the big push into NYC on the 11th. 

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